asheville dog photographer, north carolina

I did a photography show this last month at a local venue. It was my first show and since it was around Halloween – my favorite holiday, I decided to do the theme – animals in costumes.

So since you probably all don’t live local, I put together a gallery to show some the work. Most of these prints are also in my etsy shop if you would like one, if you see one that isn’t in the shop, just send me an email.

Click here to view the gallery!


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Yesterday, I had the most amazing opportunity to hang out at an unleashed dog camp – called Camp Unleashed. It took place in a gorgeous setting with fall colored trees, hiking trails, canoeing and a big lake. I have never experienced anything like this and I walked away with a huge smile on my face and so much inspiration. I have 800 photos to go through but for now… here are a couple photos of this amazing day.

camp unleashed dock divingPIN

camp unleashed asheville pet photographyPIN

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